J & D's Blog

A New Year of promise

As Jerry and I start our second year of photography together it's exciting to think about what's to come.  Looking back at the growth we experienced last year it's not hard to imagine more opportunities to meet new friends and share a little bit of theirs lives through photography.  It's a really unique bond between photographer and client, the camera helps us see a side of people that is impossible to hide.  I think its what makes photography art; people cannot hide from it.  Will they be confident, shy, afraid or playful?  Many have been trained to be stiff when a camera appears, but that's where Jerry and I really love to forget about everything, but have fun.  We've been in abandoned houses with a client and laughed about her "new" house.  I hope more and more will be open to our style of photography, to trust us to bring out the art in them.  It's the promise of this New Year.