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Kristen and James are engaged

Jerry and I met Kristen over a year ago, or it seems. I may not remember exactly when we first met but will never forget our first session. Jerry found her profile on a modeling site and she agreed to work with us for a mutually beneficial portfolio building session. I just remember all the outfits, shoes she brought!!! It was wonderful! She was so refreshing; fun, genuine and so dang photogenic~ We fell completely in love with her from our first meeting. We've had the pleasure of several sessions with "our" Kristen and each time feel our bond grow. She's truly our girl. Well, except for James. She's been in love with this mysterious man who travels the globe and has this important job protecting us all for quite a while. She spoke about him often, so we always figured if she loves him we will too. This day was the first time we met James. And yes, we completely love him. He's everything we want for our girl. It's so emotional to see them together knowing it will be months before we see them again. We poured our hearts into these images for these two dear ones we utterly adore. There's a wedding to look forward to, that should help us not feel melancholy for long. The added bonus; Kristen wants to do a trash the dress session later, too. We are pumped!

Kristen and James ~ from our hearts to yours! Until we see you again.