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Contemplating weather

This weekend has been amazing for Jerry and I. We were chosen to fill-in last minute for a commercial shoot at the Disney Dolphin Resort Friday evening. Though the weather prohibited the completion of our session outdoors, we still managed to get some amazing studio shots of the recording artists. Then Saturday Jerry second shot for a wedding at the Lake Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa.  The wedding and reception was planned in doors so nothing was affected by the inclement out-of-doors.  (Anyone not living in Florida this weekend  - we were forecasted for record breaking rainfall. And they were right on the money.) 

Our desktop Mac will be home tomorrow from the Applehospital. Once we're back on our big-dog computer be prepared for lots of images from the past two weeks. We'll have a lot to share. It's like a dam. Building up pressure with all this creativity~ it must be shared. It's our pleasure to share our vision of what we love with everyone.

But for now it's Sunday and we're chilling, cleaning our office, planning future ventures, gearing up for tomorrow's session, etc. Some times having a little rain in our life poses challenges to overcome. Life is good.