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Getting ready

We've been discussing it for a while, ever since we amassed tons of images (75k). It's just difficult for lots of reasons. And that's not an excuse. (insert tongue in cheek)

We're talking about entering a competition. It's really exciting to come across one with judges who we either know personally or others we at least feel like we know because their work is so familiar to us.  Once the initial rush of excitement wanes, the reality sets in like a freezing cold blanket.  We'll have to pick our favorites. Jerry and I have different tastes, there are (see above) tons of images to choose from and that's before any question of confidence settles in to the picture. 

Once before or maybe twice, we seriously agreed we should enter an image in other competitions however, we never followed through. I think confidence played a huge role here, but that's a discussion for later. What seemed daunting with this competition compared to others; they are looking for an over all style. They want 20 images to see who we are and what we are about. Pretty deep stuff actually. No room for self doubt. We did need help narrowing down, so we enlisted the help from another local photographer (whose work is amazing btw). Here's a few we've settled on. They are not all wedding images as everyone knows we love photography and making images that do more than take a picture. 

Wish us luck, blessings would be nice, too.