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Perfect wedding guide coincidence, we think not.

There's a wonderful, handy and free publication for brides called Perfect Wedding Guide. It's available all over town at likely spots where brides are shopping. Every vendor needed for a wedding; planners, limos, florists, caterers, DJ's, designers, cakes, locations and yes, photographers, are easily found within the neatly sized and color coded pages. Our ad can be located on page 214 - PHOTOGRAPHY BY JERRY AND DENISE.  All written out in caps just like that. Of course there's also a nice wedding image and some sweet talk about our photography telling stories, but what grabbed Lauren's attention was our name. It's her dad and mom's name, too.  So she sent us an email expressing how amused she was and wanted to discuss having photographers named Jerry and Denice (She's the c, I'm the s). 

We just finished their engagement session at Walt Disney World. It was magical. They are so adorable together and we were swept away by their love. We are always happy to have a bride contact us. Usually it starts with a love of our photography, but a coincidence works, too.