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Dockside Sunset Wedding

The first time I spoke with Dominique about her wedding I knew she was lively.  Even on the phone she sounded like an energizer bunny. Come to find out I was right. In addition to being an incredibly beautiful woman Dominique's as deadly as any Black Belt martial artist going. In fact that's how she met Javier. He's a pro soccer player and wanted to get into prime conditioning. Like Fire and Ice coming together these two are pure energy. We were so honored to be a part of their union. 

We loved everything about this wedding. All the gorgeous colors and details of the reception. It was really breathtaking. The ceremony and reception were held at an exclusive marina in Tampa Bay, Florida. Everything was timed so that the event would be at the waters edge at sunset. Fortunately the weather cooperated like it was getting paid. Considering there was a good chance for rain, it couldn't have worked out any better. The sun popped out just in time for after the ceremony love. Which in our world means photography.

Jerry and I poured our hearts out for this beautiful wedding, like always. We had the hour, or so drive home late that evening to relive all the beauty and love we experienced. We think the images express what we saw and felt that day without using words. It was wonderful, too because Jerry and I were together - Photography by Jerry and Denise - doing what brings us so much joy. All because Tina Ortiz of Ortiz-Sellers Photography chose us to fill in for her. Anytime Tina, anytime. (All photos are also copyrighted to Ortiz-Sellers Photography)

We've picked a few favorites, even made a slideshow. Wish we could show you the album. Jerry's working on that.