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Pinterest Phenomenom

Those who know Pinterest know how addicting it can be. If you've never heard of it, well let me introduce this fantastic site of wonder. It's for chicks; young or old, engaged, mothers, and wives. Those who love to decorate. Those who love to collect beautiful things and ideas. It's a female trait to gather things and this site enchants the soul. Seriously, give it a try. A lot of our images are posted there so we made a link at the red P.

Have no idea how they make money, but it's catching on like wild fire because it such a great idea. Did I mention it's addicting? I go there when I'm bored. Or need to see what I'm missing. I check it on my phone at red lights. I have only created a few boards compared to some. For me they are a mix of useful and just because...The Colors collections I use to help couples find a scheme for their engagement session. Very stylish!  I've put up a few of our favorite wedding images called WEDDING LOVE, (note to self: need to put up more!). The Boudoir are also our images. Would love (LOVE!) to do a bridal boudoir session.  All from the TOO CUTE and PHOTOGRAPHY boards are our images, too. I also collect recipes that look amazing. Made several things from my list, so far the favorite was Pot Stickers. What a mess! They were really good though.

Pinterest is something I recommend every bride-to-be add to her addiction list because the wedding ideas are crazy wonderful. Lots of images of brides! Request to join and start collecting ones that you love and show them to your wedding photographer so you can make your own version come true. Let us know you're on so we can follow you!  Happy Pinning!!!