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Katryna's Winter

We love Katryna. Our first meeting was a few months back. Katryna and Maria both enchanted the world with their beauty and elegance wearing gorgeous wedding gowns for our designer session. Come to find out Ms. Katryna owns a Great Dane and is a Winter Park girl, having graduated from Rollins College. Katryna's as sweet as they come and has such natural beauty we couldn't wait to see her again.

So Jerry called her up and come to find out she's always wanted to do a wintry session. Photography by Jerry and Denise were ready. Already had a place in mind: Mount Dora. May be the highest elevation in Florida, so it makes sense to go there for a Winter Wonderland photography session late December. The sky cooperated, like it was getting paid. The temperature however, was entirely too warm. One could say balmy. Seventy-eight degrees is not typical winter but we faked it. We spent two hours, Jerry with the black and whites and Denise with the color to make a slideshow. Looks like it's snowing there, so grab your jacket and enjoy!