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PBJ's anyone?

It's my favorite new line to tell people, "I married a photographer."  That one line expeditiously lets others know we are serious.  It's grounding.  It certainly grounds me.  Sometimes I get too big for my britches.  I start thinking my photography skills are all that and a bag of chips. Then I get into a jam with difficult lighting on a shoot. Not a big problem for someone with loads more experience to easily figure out.  It's easy for me to just pick up the phone and text my Jer-Bear.  He's always there with his calm reassurance and quick fixes.  At this very moment he's shooting a wedding, bringing all that he is to the event.  

We are so thankful more and more friends -and friends of friends are loving our images. We love to speak with couples or families who are enamored by our art and know our hearts can capture their love.  

PBJ makes a delicious snack, but it's not as substantial as Photography by Jerry AND Denise. As a team we complete each other like in our lives.  Jerry married a photographer, too.