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Welton and Aeline have potential.

First, Jerry met Aeline for a shoot where they made some crazy good images.  We found out just how photographic and bendy she is. And. Loved. It.

Then we had the great fortune to have Aeline join us in the studio for more work. We posted many on our FaceBook page where she received lots and lots of love.  We basked in the glow.  This is when we had the pleasure of meeting her man; Welton.  From the first I saw model potential in this guy. He's gorgeous.  In the manly sense.  He's the kind of guy any girl would love to hold on to because with him around, you just feel safe.

Jerry and I thought they should be thinking about getting serious. And told them so. We are SO shy. Next thing we know he's popped the question and she said, "yes, but does that come with a cheeseburger?" Long story. :) Click image below for more....