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Two Sweeties

So its no big secret around here that I, Jerry am not the best at photographing children. I prefer to just be able to say move here, bend this, turn this way and so on. That doesn't work so well with children under 8 and I know a few over 15 it doesn't work with to well either. That being said these two little princesses were such a pleasure for Photography by Jerry and Denise to photograph the other day. Denise certainly adores sessions with children. We did a 1/2 in studio and 1/2 location session. With a little candy and a few breaks these two stuck it out for the 1.5 hour session like they were relaxing at the pool on a hot day. We've been taking pictures of Morgan and London since October of last year. Sit back and enjoy the slideshow and fall in love with these two amazing little ladies.