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Hall of Fame Wedding

Like Superman we prefer a low profile, just going about our daily life not bringing any undue attention to ourselves. (Insert: Yeah, right! As Wedding photographers Jerry and Denise like attention very much!)

Regardless, being the visual artists at a wedding, the day revolves around three things: love, family and togetherness. Oh, and all the beautiful details, of course!

Tami and James' wedding is the epitome of such a day. These two are so in love and it shows. Everything looks so gorgeous! The cakes are pure art. All the love emanating from everyone should be a new untapped energy resource. Seriously.

Jerry represents Photography by Jerry and Denise second shooting this remarkable Orlando, FL wedding. (Big love to Scott Craig Photography). 

The remarkableness comes in many forms. For starters anyone ever heard of a wonderful man named Art Monk? And, Yes! - if your wondering if we mean the #1 draft pick for the 1980 Redskins.

Well friends Mr. Monk is this grooms father and Jerry said he is probably the one of nicest Hall of Fame'er he's ever met. 

Jerry texted me when he first met Mr. Monk.  My response; "don't wash your hands!" {Once upon a time that was a compliment!} Anyway, my intent was genuine "awe" and amazement (add a dash of jealousy) for Jerry's event and those great legends in attendance.

Understand there were other big-time, extremely famous, pro football players there, too; Darrell Green, Tim Johnson, Fred Stokes and Charles Mann. These fine athletes and gentlemen were all present.  What a night! If you look closely you will see the legends in the slideshow video below.

James getting ready. Second shooters job right here. Check.

Catching a pure emotional newly-minted bride moment. Check. Check.

Getting Tami and James together. Check. Check. Check. Look at that face. Pure energy right there.

Here's a link to the slideshow video for the entire story. Remember to look for the legends. And the great grooms cake. Quiz coming....