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What Jerry loves

Most wouldn't know it but there are times when I take all the photographs during sessions. Jerry plays the role of "light master." Guess he feels a little guilty because there are ten months of the year when I'm a full time counselor, part-time photographer. So naturally I take full advantage of the situation and gladly snap away getting lost in the zone of creativity and all things beautiful. This engagement session was a wonder experience for all four of us.  Courtney and Ramesh are so in love my job was to just be ready to catch them in a moment. 

Even before we began the session the idea of a slide show was a predominate thought. Once the best images were selected it was natural to put the whole event to music.  Just a side note, we NEVER use copyrighted music. Ever.  So if you never recognize the songs we play on our slideshows and wish we would use songs overplayed on the radio, just keep wishing. 

Back to the story of what Jerry loves, we put together those great images of a great couple to music and Jerry loves it. He has re-watched this slideshow when he doesn't think I know he does. I think he likes my work. It's flattering and I like that he likes my stuff.  Looking forward for more opportunities to get couples for Photography by Jerry and Denise to make slides show for, regardless of which of us is snapping the shutter. Hope you love it, too.