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Exciting Times

Cherish the moments when you feel blessed, because they are precious. I'm sure there's a bible quote about this but too pumped up to stop and look it up.

Today has been a banner day for Photography by Jerry and Denise.  It's the kind of day when all our hard work has crept us closer to catching up with our wonderful dreams. Only a year ago our dream of being professional photographers was barely viable. We've come so far in such a short amount of time. Now we are about three steps up on a ladder (with countless steps, so I have no idea where this is going - literally and figuratively) except to note how blessed we feel. Happily all the time spent planning, learning, and growing have brought Jerry and I closer because we have a common goal; a full service studio in the Orlando area employing 25 amazingly creative people. 

Even in these difficult financial times, maybe the worst time to start a small business in our lifetimes, we feel blessed to offer families/couples captivating images to enjoy for years.  As the months progress and we see more fruits from our labor, hope we remember these days are good . These are the moments when every success is celebrated and the "firsts" abound. These are the days where our thankfulness feels most sincere, because we are starting from scratch.  These are the days to celebrate what our future holds and we look forward to every newborn, tot, family and wedding we have yet to photograph.

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