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Stop and Smell the Flowers, by Ashley

One of Photography by Jerry and Denise's latest portrait endeavors focused on precocious tot named Ashley. The minute I (Denise) met her I knew she would bring me great joy and happiness behind the camera. Certainly wasn't disappointed. Her adorableness factor is off the chart. She was less than enthused to be in studio, even with her cute chair, but the minute we arrived to our favorite field in Winter Park she started on her quest. For bugs! How much more can we love this girl!?! We found more than creatures, luckily there were all kinds of pretty flowers blooming, just for the sniffing. Her momma asked Ashley to smell it and when she obliged I nearly melted! So happy I was ready for that moment. That's why I've titled our slideshow "Stop and Smell the Flowers." That's what Ashley would do.