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My mother and her babies, by Denise Winterstein

My mother was the eleventh child born on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. She's really special. She has led an incredible life filled with more joys than sorrows. It's been a full life. She's as delightful as the twinkle in her eyes. Eyes that are full of love and laughter. I've always loved my mothers eyes. They have always held me in esteem when I wasn't sure where my life would go. As her baby of eight others that came before I can guess we all have those same loving associations about our mom. She loves her babies very much. 

Mom had a devestating stroke almost 19 years ago. We nearly lost her then, but we've selfishly held on tightly to her because we're not ready for her to go. She is so very ready to be free from her handicap, some times more than others. The stroke took everything away that she loves; her gardening, cooking, traveling. The one thing she can still do is hold a baby.

I am so delighted to have captured this rare moment in time for five generations to be together for a special picture. So happy for my mother to see this day. So happy to see her so beautiful, too.