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What's on First? Or What's on Second?

Anyone who does not know this famous Abbott and Costello routine please take a moment to view it, or you will forever miss a depth of humor irreplaceable.  Even if you don't love slapstick this six minute snap of time is etched in our collective histories as Americans. (Because our world is now so small anyone from other countries reading this please know we love and appreciate you, it's just something about Independence Day that brings out the Patriot in Yanks.)  Excuse me while I dry my eyes from laughter, just rewatched the epic 1945 clip.


I chose this title because the idea of priorities strikes as important right now. Priorities as the priority. Summer is a time for reflection, rejuvenation and yes, re-prioritizing. Church, family, career, business (not the same thing), all demand so much energy. Haven't even started on time for myself! It's more than a little overwhelming, but defining what's important must be the first step to having all this make sense. Who isn't overwhelmed with their lives? When school starts back our lives will back into crazy chaos and I will be glad to keep the priorities straight. And maybe include the occasional use of super-charged energy drinks.