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Angelina's Bridal

Never expected to come across some of the most beautiful bridal gowns during a pizza pitstop one afternoon. But that's exactly what happened. While Jerry went in to purchase the pies, I grabbed a business card, straightened my shorts, swiped my lips with gloss and camly flew in to the boutique. Poor Teresa, the owner/designer. She must have thought I was crazy! I started babbling the moment my feet crossed the doorway. She smiled and obliged my card offering. I was brief, though. Told her how beautiful her dresses were and that I'd be back. Fastforward a few weeks and we did return with two wonderful models, cameras and lighting. We hope to promote Angelia's Bridal as passionately as though it were our own. Any one seeking hand-made unique designs, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and, yes, everything bridal from gowns to veils be sure to stop by this wonderful Winter Park store. Here are a few from our session.