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The 17th Floor, facing west.

Those who know us, know we are crazy about photography. CRAZY. So we are really fortunate to have such beautiful friends too, because when we get an inspiration for a shoot, we just *have to* do it! Like when our dear friend Kristen moved into 55 West, on the 17th floor, downtown Orlando, facing west; Jerry and I simply drooled with the view and those huge, floor-to-ceiling windows.  The lighting! People, this is huge. Great lighting like this makes us suddenly stutter and incoherent. I remember the first time we were there, we both were instantly enjoying visions with how this light would make fantastic images.  Fast forward to this evening where it all came together. Kristen in beautiful gowns and other spanking-hot outfits at sunset, way up high, facing west; what a recipe for wonderful photography. BTW: There's a slideshow of our favorites, if you scroll down. Guess we need a new catagory for our work. It's not wedding, portraits or boudoir; it's all about our artistic side: beautiful and passtionate photography. We need a name for work that we just do because it becons us. Shoot us ideas for Gallery titles. We'd love to hear your ideas. J&D.