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Jesse and Rebecca

The Wellborn House in Orlando, Florida is a beautiful site for both a wedding and reception.  Jesse and Rebecca choose this lovely spot to join their lives and families with a gorgeous ceremony filled with a lot of love and joy. Her mother walked her down the isle, and his father performed the ceremony. All his brothers were groomsmen and seemed delighted to finally have a sister in the family.  Photography by Jerry and Denise were happy to assist and help capture all the wonderful sweetness of this event.

Could she be any lovelier? How much more hansome could he be?  Answer: Not much!

 This is a true band of brothers. They are thick!

Rebecca is so beautiful! The love on her face says it all.

They have started something wonderful!  Blessings to you both!

Here's a little slide show from "the boys" point of view. Happy to work with Scott Craig Photography to help capture the day.