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Phones, Men & Pockets

We have to laugh. It started a few months ago while editing three weddings back to back to back when we noticed every wedding we've photographed contains one exact element; Men on their phones! It's easier for them because the have pockets, of course. If that beautiful dress had one you can bet that lovely lady would be checking hers, too.  This is in no way a judgement on phones before the nuptials, we just love to find a pattern, a tradition amongst those about to follow their hearts and proclaim to the world "This is the person I want to grow (up/old) with and the one whom I will fight for because they are so special to me." 

Actually, we have a lot in common with the phone checkers. Ours too, are right on our hips and checked regularly. This year we're looking to add a sophisticated, super-spy type device where Jerry and I can communicate a first look ~ "I've got the bride and we're headed outside. Over" ~ "10-4... The boys are here and on their phones." Really can see that happening!

We made a mini slideshow of the men on their phones, because we love them and thought you would be amused. Looking forward to all the 2012 weddings and being present to capture the moments for them. Our Beautiful Brides and Wonderful Grooms.