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The Beginning, The Middle and The Album, not end.

We start by listening; hearing all about what is important to you both. Asking questions and taking notes so we remember all the details unique to your wedding day plans. We believe developing a trust with us from the beginning helps make the best wedding day pictures. Having fun will come in time, we take pictures very seriously. (Ha, figuratively and literally) Meeting in person is super important and the consultation is where it all begins.

Next comes a favorite location engagement session. Having an E-session helps us get to know you both even better. It's our first real chance to show you what we see in you together. The joy, the love and the connectedness. 

So once the pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception come around you are pretty familiar with how we operate. It's a great feeling to have established a great rapport (dare we say friendship?) and deepening trust with your wedding photography team, aka Jerry and Denise. Your job is to have fun and enjoy the day.  We know what to expect and we'll be ready to capture those moments for your album. All of this is the middle. Big middle.

An expectation of a wedding album too often becomes the casualty of some misguided notion we cannot fathom. Having those memories tangible, in your hand to share and revisit anytime may be an old fashion notion. If this is true we are proud to be considered old fashioned. We strongly encourage couples to plan on the end or rather, a custom album from the start.

Confession time: to be honest from the outset we've been putting your album together. At our very first meeting we start collecting our storytelling ideas so when all the images are ready we can easily pull it all together in a treasured family heirloom. It's easy (well to us it is!) because we've grown to know you both and we've been there. Fully present during the event you've been planning for months, possibly years. We are pretty confident once you see one of our albums (or slideshows) you'll understand how important hiring Photography by Jerry and Denise will be to your memories.

That's the beginning, the middle and the CUSTOM album. Not the end - of course we know more photography will be in your future, but that email can wait.   Call us today to schedule your consultation and find out more about our special Custom Album offer. (Save 20%) Expires 11/15/12 ~ Blessings. J&D