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Great idea in Orlando came to reality.

Months ago we talked to our friend Mike at MS provideo about getting video of us working. We thought it would be a great addition to our website for brides and grooms to see us in action. Then we thought about our other friends at Tuxedos 2 You, Brides by Demetrios and Paradise Cove. It seemed like a great idea to get together and come up with something epic. 

So that's what we did. Photography by Jerry and Denise brought the Canons and the models. Big thanks to Katryna, Nathan and Vincent. They are stellar troopers and very fun to be around.

We pulled off something huge: a videographer, wedding dress store, tuxedo rental store and wedding location. Plus wedding photographers!

Just some notes about our friends. Paradise Cove is aptly named. We liken it to Key West in Orlando. Ask for Kayli, she'll be very helpful. Phenomenal place to have a huge party. Michelle at Brides and Stephen at Tuxes came through with amazing dresses and suits. We are honored to share all these great vendors with everyone, but especially anyone looking for great ideas for their wedding. We highly recommend them all.

Before we left we changed Katryna into another dress for a different kind of photography session. We lovingly call it "trash the dress." The dress wasn't really trashed and everyone had a blast. We thoroughly enjoyed getting these images and hope more married women will catch on to the idea. It's something different for their wedding dresses that might raise some brows. 

The only piece that's missing is the video - coming soon we're told.