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Thoughts about purchasing wedding photography

Iphone Image: Our booth at the PWG Bridal Show 2.12.12

We were happily overwhelmed this past Sunday at the PWG Bridal Show. The Peabody is an amazing place; amazingly beautiful and cavernous! The Bridal show was visited by hundreds and hundreds of brides, some grooms, and their entourage. Since we've always tried to be low key, this was a huge step out into the world of bridal shows. Quite sure I (Denise) looked like a tourist in a foreign land. 

But I was comfortable. Jerry looked completely in his element talking to young women about their contact information. Our first question to everyone, "Are you still looking for a wedding photographer?" In my head and sometimes out loud my response was, "because we are looking for a few brides." 

And that's my segue into hiring us or any studio to get images of a lifetime. (Sorry in advance, this is a long blog post.) Unless you understand the world of professional photography the entire notion of wedding photography could be a source for tremendous misunderstandings. There are several levels of knowledge; the most dangerous could be those women who know they need a photographer, but the hiring of one is really low in the budget priority. For this type of thinking we say: be careful. We don't want you to have regrets, especially if you spend 4, 5 or 6 thousand or more on your wedding. Not allowing for quality images with a fun and loving photographer could be easily avoided. 

Although it may seem like a Vegas-style crap shoot, hiring the right photographer doesn't need to be complicated. Visit their website. If you still like them, their images and their sense of style after thoroughly going through their online presentation send them an email. Don't be shy. Let them know your budget range. If your range is way below what they offer, they may have a referral for you. Otherwise the next step is to meet the photographer(s) in person. Remember; this is an interview that goes both ways. Any wonderful photographer will want it to be a right fit for both parties. Artist are like that, we want to be inspired by a connection.  The only way to know for sure is to be face to face, if possible. A phone conversation is good, too, if distance and scheduling prohibits it. Then there's always Skype.

Sorry this was so long. But this is something every much on our minds since we just met so many brides looking for a photographer. We hope everyone gets the notion of a right fit to be more important than a few hundred dollars. Make sure you feel excited about your photographer. Skimp on food rather than photography. It's just that important.

Let us know your thoughts. We will gladly answer questions, no matter what.