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A Special Wedding

Written by Jerry: All weddings are special. It's most likely one of the top three events a couple has throughout their life together. One; falling in love, two; getting married, and three; babies or puppies ~which ever comes first. {Jerry wanted to add a Pink Floyd concert, but that's for another blog post :)}

As wedding photographers we have our more than special weddings to photograph. Don't get us wrong, every wedding's special to us and we understand {relish} the importance of every couple's day. But every now and then, it's just a little different. Take Keri and Tj.  These two are family. Shooting a wedding for family is amazing and added a little spark to the entire evening. As I started out as a photographer, Keri was always there to pose and do some, well, crazy things like break into abandon paint warehouses with me to photograph her in front of graffiti walls.

Tj's mom, her family and I grew up together. Almost 40 years of friendship has over the years brought us to the "we are family" status. Photography by Jerry and Denise got a phone call from Keri saying "I'm getting married and I want you and Denise there." Well, how could we not. With cameras in tow we trucked it up to Atlanta for the galla event. Not surprising we didn't want to leave without getting more images the next morning. There was this mill from the 1800's that was too much to miss. Here's a few of our favorites and a quick slideshow. Enjoy everyone. Congratulations Keri and TJ. We love you bunches.

So far this year we are shooting three family weddings. First, my nephew and now real niece Tj & Keri. Then in June Denise's niece, Kasey and then my daughter in Philadelphia. Such a great feeling to not only be the photographer at a wedding but to also have a family connection to the ones you are photographing.