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Class of 2012

This year's extra special. Of course to the graduates, they're all special. But this year marks an anniversary for Photography by Jerry and Denise, too. We're graduating ourselves. Kinda. We've been together, joined our efforts for two years now. That will be a post for another time. This ones about them. 

Our high school seniors have been toiling at the three R's for 13 solid years, if you count kindergarten. We celebrate with them, for them and about them. They are our future. They will be joining the workforce in about four years or so. With all the pride and joy humanly possible we present this exuberant and beautiful Class of 2012. (say it like "twenty twelve," it rolls better.)

We have started our celebration with Charity. This precious girl has graced our lenses before, but not like this. Congratulations Charity on a job well done. We are looking forward toward your next venture in life and the images to come.