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Sneak Peek - Engagement Orlando style

We are so happy to have Kerry and Hanifa in town. They are getting married soon, but flew in early from Vegas (baby) to get some quick moments with Photography by Jerry and Denise. We love engagement sessions. Seriously love them. We knew the time would be great but we had no idea this great! They looked amazing and now they have experienced being with us and our cameras. It's really so cool on so many levels. It's like a prime for the wedding day. It's like "we got this" on steroids. (Have NO idea why this is sounding as though someone 18 wrote it...:) Maybe love brings out our youth??? Certainly makes us feel philosophical.

We are reminded by each couple we meet; Enjoy every moment. Each day is a gift. We were reminded of this fundamental concept with our beautiful new loves in Kerry and Hanifa.