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Nick and Abby = Beach Engagement

When Nick announced to our racquetball crowd about his engagement it wasn't hard to recommend Photography by Jerry and Denise. Especially since Nick's so handsome and good-natured, unless he's your opponent playing racquetball. He's fast and furious on the court, definitely not one to mess with. All that handsome turns to a butt-kicking in a hurry.

But back to their engagement, Nick said his Abby really wanted a sunrise at the beach session. They love the beach so it made sense. It worked out without a hitch; the sunrise, the weather and the surf were amazing. AND Abby is ridiculously beautiful. They are beyond wonderful together. We enjoyed our session tremendously and were inspired by their love to produce images we trust they will enjoy forever.

Their wedding is coming up in less than eight weeks in Alaska. Yes, Photography by Jerry and Denise will be bringing home the good stuff from our nation's 49th state. In the meantime, enjoy their love from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Slideshow below.