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Nick and Kasey. Our family has grown.

In our family Kasey's truly a rose among thorns. She is the only girl born during a time when seven boy cousins came along, including her brother. Girlie-girls survive in hostile environs like these because they busy themselves with other things.  And they learn to hold their own by other means; like being really pretty.

Kasey's charm and beauty must have been a flame to Nick's moth senses. (Not that he's a bug, it's just a badly formed metaphor. Now that he's family, he'll learn to like it.)  It must have been a cosmic event because they just knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together shortly after meeting. What are you going to say to that? Even grandpop, shook his head and said, "well, I knew your mother three weeks and proposed." Wisdom in those words. 

Funniest wedding ever. Located in Winter Garden, Florida, the venue; Winter Garden Primitive Baptist Church was roomy and the surroundings lush. Photography by Jerry and Denise; aka Uncle Jerry and Aunt Denise, were happy to be the official wedding photographers. Watching my brother bring his baby daughter down the isle was so powerful. It was hard not to cry but dropping the flash helped. Put my game back on in a hurry!

We're happy to have Nick in our large family where we love a wedding and cherish our children. Welcome Nick. You and Kasey remember to always be kind to each other and keep your wedding pictures close by. Just in case. Our great nieces and nephews in the future (no hurry) will enjoy seeing how much fun you had at your wedding and we were delighted to get them for you all. The cake smash was EPIC.

The slideshow is long. Be sure to have popcorn ready.