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Lesson learned

We are in the final stages of a remodel. The Kitchen. It's been life altering because our life with three boys revolves around our hearth. It is the heart of our home and lives together, so we've discovered. Our together time has been moved to the patio, but cooking outside is getting old. The beauty of our new hearth will be worth all the effort, disruption, mysteries and questions like, "where's the syrup?!" 

But it reminds us of the remodel when we first moved in and how it can relate to wedding photography shoppers. Those seeking wedding photography may not be aware of the painful lesson we learned about pricing. See when we were looking at tile for our new home we selected what we wanted, then found something "comparable" at another store for 20 cent less per tile. It wasn't the same tile, but at that moment it was about saving money. (Maybe $40 total) Our original vendor asked why we didn't give him a chance to match that price. UGH! We settled for price rather than what we wanted. Lesson learned. Never settle and never allow price to be the reason you don't get what you want.