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Travis and Thanh's gorgeous wedding.

Every now and then an opportuntity shows up and we would be crazy to walk away. Travis and Thanh's wedding was one such event for Photography by Jerry and Denise. The wedding ceremony was at Lake Highland Prep's chapel turned auditorium. Gorgeous venue for a wedding, complete with a balcony for extra special images. The place was made to bling with Fairbanks Florists' touches. All the bridesmaids looked stunning and the bride was glowing with joy. Of course we had to be there!

The reception was held at the Orlando Science Center on the balcony with the downtown skyline on the horizon. Perfect. 

And the best part; we worked together with Art Faulkner Photography. It's the first time I {Denise} worked with Art. Jerry has had the opportunity numerous time, so this was huge. Like an interview with my photography skills and abilities. The conclusion, well many of these are mine. Not that this is a competition. Jerry has proven himself tons. Now it's just a little bit my turn.