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Bridal Show was a hit!

Hi and welcome to our website. We hope you were able to attend the bridal show hosted by the Orlando Hilton. It was a nice time and Photography by Jerry Denise were all over that show.  Jerry was getting pictures for people with Michael Jackson.  Click here to see and buy your MJ images.

Also if you happened to catch the actual bridal show and saw two little boys all dressed up and on the runway, those were our boys.  I {Denise} was behind the scenes getting them ready. We were so proud of them. They have never done anything like this before, but they got past their fears of being in front of a crowd. Maybe a little too comfortable. Our seven year old did a break dance on the runway during the second show. Let us know if you caught that on video. OMG.

Special Note: We handed out special offers to bridal show ladies, so if you recieved the offer please contact us soon. We can't wait to hear from you.

Random sidenote:Anyone else love the idea of having superman, spiderman, batman etc t-shirts under the men's shirts. Really want to photograph a group of groomsmen with hidden superpowers.

Talk soon,