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Nick and Abby's Alaska Wedding

It all started between racquetball games. A bunch of us just standing or sitting around talking about a variety of topics. Someone mentioned Nick was engaged. Not being the greatest sales rep, I handed him a Photography by Jerry and Denise card. Understand his mother, Abby and maybe others visited our site to view our stuff.  And the rest as they say, is history. 

We photographed the engagement session (yep check it out) of their dreams: at a Cocoa Beach sunrise. 

Next stop: Palmer, Alaska. (Go ahead, we'll wait) Hopefully you took a moment on the blog to see our 11,000 mile adventure to, around and from Alaska. It was epic. Even though no moose was spotted, still worth every minute.

Now finally the wedding. What are weddings after all? Family and friends of those who love the couple gathering to witness them joining their lives in matrimony. Its such an emotional affair. We love it with all our hearts. 

We enjoyed meeting all of Nick's friends and family. We enjoyed meeting all of Abby's friends and family. Enjoyed is actually an understatement. They were all so loving and welcoming to us we felt like family, too. Still have the moose we bought from our spontaneous Lowes visit, complete with Steve blowing bubbles in the check out lanes. Oh yeah. It was this good.  

We love you all and hope you are blessed with our images. Scroll down for a full length slideshow.

All of the images can be seen here.

And this wonderfull event was held at Alaska's Harvest Bed & Breakfast

Hope to see you soon,

J & D