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We fell in love.

When Nick and Abby asked us to photograph their wedding in Alaska our first reaction was a resounding, "heck yeah!" Neither of us had ever been. We've always thought it would be a photographers paradise. We had no idea.

We planned our 10,000 mile trip so we could be there a few days early. Thinking we would do some day trips into the wilderness. It's nice to have plans. After our first night those plans were completely and happily thrown out. Our idea of just going out for a few hours didn't seem sufficient. From Anchorage, the Denali National Forest was a four hour drive. Fairbanks was six, so a big 1,000 mile circle would take easily two days.

We were without a plan and it was gloriously freeing. We drove. Stopped when the scene overcame our senses. Drove with our cameras in our laps. And stopped frequently.

Every ten miles the beauty that lay before us was even more spectacular than the one before. So much awe in one day can be dangerous. Imagine what two days did to us. Photography by Jerry and Denise will forever have a part of Alaska in our hearts. We snapped our shutters a lot hoping to do the land justice. Here's a slideshow of highlights.