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Weddings, dresses and other complex ideas...

During rare, but cherished quiet moments, I sometimes contemplate what every engaged couple must live through. Planning a wedding is a complex notion, the perfect stew of organization and chaos. Big or small, elopements or full blown affairs, it's all the same. It's still a wedding. 

I think most brides-to-be either start with a solid budget plan with file folders, while the other half go shopping for a dress and let the rest fall into place. (Truth here: I was in the latter category, so I'm not judging.) 

Those starting with a budget and folders have discipline, and know their priorities before getting emotional. Gawd, I love these girls! I have no idea how they operate, but I can respect the organized system in place. As a business owner I love to meet this kind of bride. They've done their research and chose Jerry and Denise Photography for their wedding. (It's my blog, I can dream.)

Those girls shopping for THEIR dress first are the ones I can relate to best because that was me. I knew the dress would drive the show, so to speak. And it did. 

There are literally thousands of wedding dresses in dozens of local chains and boutiques in any metro area. Girls will spend hours trying on dress, after dress, after dress..... it's exhausting. As it should be! (Hopefully you have close friends and honest store ladies with you to give sincere validation on your final choice.) The dress needs to be THE one. You should feel absolutely drop-dead beautiful in this one. It's the best feeling in the world to find the dress you'll be wearing on the day you marry that man. You may stretch your budget on the CHOSEN DRESS, but you tell yourself it's worth it. And you're right. The whole process reminds me of another important choice while planning a wedding: photography. There are parallels, just watch.

There are literally hundreds of photographers in any local area. Maybe dozens are truly professional, regardless the numbers are still overwhelming, just like dresses. Go to www.weddingwire.com and search Wedding Photographers in Central Florida. There are many, many to chose from, so like dresses, a girl should try them on. Yes, this is going to take a while. Go to the different websites. Some have their prices right there so you can learn everything without talking to anyone. Some require a little conversation, just to build a rapport from the start. That's what we do. Like the dress, wedding photography should not just be about price. People you trust and make you feel comfortable from the beginning is worth spending a little more.  And you'd be right.